Andwin Borderlands

Remember Bael Turath

Broken Wings, Broken Hooves, and a Flaming Sword

PT and JR are visited in the night by Chief Andor’s guards Gopala & Maha, they give them The Broken Wing and ask the heroes to deliver it to the wildelf tribes. PT and JR are also shown a secret way into the Hillfort, which they immediately use to leave the fort. G is approached by Bufonda who buys the Silken Dress. PT and JR visit the wildelf camp, PT empties some Stormbrew barrels and they deliver Andor’s message to the D blessed elf, he attempts to rouse his inebriated comrades to come to their chief’s aid. PT and JR sleep and head back to Mountain Ridge where they run into G returning from Bufonda’s caravan. G awoke and discussed with Bufonda her interest in the Silken Dress over breakfast. Bufonda tells the tale of her father Vard Enzio and his search for the Tiefling’s lost empire Bael Turath. She asks G for his help, telling him that another piece of the Royal Regalia may be held in Mountain Ridge’s main storehouse. G, PT, and JR are approached in the market by Caleb Builder who takes the group to the mine to survey the Dam. D is nowhere to be found. PT and Caleb discuss reenforcing the Dam, they decide to use supporting steel girders. Caleb gives PT an order for the girders to be delivered to Gergen. The heroes visit Gergen and begin their attempt to access the storehouse. PT carries a heavy box of horse shoes to the front gate of the storehouse, while JR sneaks into a second story window. G approaches the nearby guard tower and amuses the guards with his music, a small crowd gathers but is soon dispersed when G starts to rile them. PT is taught how to shoe a horse and practices on Lightning Sides, Iron-Hoof’s colt (coal?). PT knocks out his instructor and runs for the warehouse door, inciting Iron-Hoof the warhorse to gallop after him. PT storms into the warehouse followed by Iron-Hoof, G arrives as JR and PT begin to battle with the storehouse workers and their foreman Skilven the Brute who wields a flaming scimitar (later taken by PT). The three heroes defeat Skilven, his workers, and the guard horses and search the warehouse, finding two promising iron boxes…



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