Andwin Borderlands

Rise of the Heroes

An Eye for an Eye...

PT, D, and JR continue deeper into the Kobold den. They find two Goliaths chained to a stone pillar and who are apparently stricken with the Shakes. after a long struggle to free them from their chains the group searches a nearby storage room and recover a chalky medicine that seems to treat the Goliath’s illness. Hearing strange melodic singing the group carries on to investigate further. PT opens the next nearest door and finds a nesting room containing kobold females and younglings. PT closes and bars the door. JR investigates a long narrow shaft leading outside to a small precipice where a Dragon alter has been built. JR topples the alter, he finds shredded human child’s clothes and gold dust. The group locates the source of the singing and find the Bard Goad locked away in a small nest room. D reopens the nest room containing the kobold females and begins to attack them, stating that the mountain must be purged. The females retaliate but are quickly killed, D finishes off the younglings, biting out their throats… Goad finds his flute-dagger in the nesting room. After searching a kobold weapon cache and finding an iron box containing a Silken Dress the group continues further. They enter a cavern that looks freshly excavated, it comes to a dead end, kobold remains litter the ground, two humanoid statues resembling figures from PT’s Mural Scene stand partly unearthed from the cavern rock. The statues come to life as the group advances, after suffering dazing attacks the group defeats the Homunculus guardians, who crumble into dust. The group heads back and into an ascending shaft that connects the kobold den with the main mine. There a group of flustered kobolds are herding their slave workers together. PT rushes forward and attacks a scorpion guard, D, JR, and G follow, JR bursts the brain of the scorpion and sets three kobolds on fire, one kobold runs off into the mine. The slaves are freed and are very grateful. The gnomes tell the tale of Queen Nori, The Silken Dress, and The Golden Scarf are part of her Royal Regalia, she also has a pair of shoes and a crown. The gnomes give the Silken Dress to Goad for safe keeping. The gnomes and goliaths leave the mine. The group explore another shaft leading to a second level of the mine. There the mine is empty and a huge bulwark has been built to hold back a large amount of water coming from inside King’s Mound. D is excited with the prospect of destroying the Dam and flooding Mountain Ridge below, ending the abuse of the holy mountain. He begins to chop away at the dam’s mighty timbers. PT, JR, and G leave the mine and see a joyful crowd forming below them, Sir Harold and his Knights are there. PT, JR, and G are greeted and called heroes for freeing the slaves, Harold invites them to a celebratory feast held in the Hillfort. PT mentions the Silken Dress to Bufonda and she whispers to him that she may know more about the Royal Regalia. the heroes are pushed towards the Hillfort by the crowd and Knights. A Knight pushes G with his horse, PT reacts by striking the horse but is calmed by Masab. G starts a speech about the joys of freedom, attempting to rile the crowd against Harold, who seems to remember arresting G for such a speech earlier. G leaves to go back to the mine to find his “journal”. D is exhausted from chopping, G finds him and sings him to sleep. PT and JR head to the feast, Fleya is there along with her Chieftain father, he is escorted by two Guards. Fleya seems content with her new life with Harold. Harold asks PT to help with securing the Dam. PT and JR sleep in the Hillfort, G watches fireworks in the Tiefling conclave, D dreams of revenge in the dam cave…



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