Andwin Borderlands

The Rape of King's Mound

there's a Storm-a-Brewn'

Peach Thief left his Kord Temple determined to find out what the mysterious Mural Scene is all about. He bravely fought some wolves. Dhaunos was summoned by the Grey Snow a member of the Eladrin tribes, he was asked by Layas to help the Wildelf tribes near King’s Mound. the wildelf princess Fleya has been forced to wed Dacon Knight Sir Harold. Jory Redmund traveled to Mountain ridge with Bufonda. He delivered Stormbrew to a group of wildelves where he met Dhaunos, they attempted to stop the elves from consuming the potent hooch, D blesses a redeeming elf with his spit, D and JR are attacked by a drunk elf, who they subdued. PT encountered a gnome hiding The Golden Scarf who was being chased by a giant scorpion and some Kobolds. PT swiftly killed the scorpion and recovered the scarf. he continued into Mountain Ridge and met Gergen, who tells him of the enslaved Goliaths working in the mine and sends PT to Bufonda for safe keeping. JR and D met up with Bufonda where they were joined by PT carrying a heavy box of horse shoes. The three decide to investigate Mountain Ridge further… and consider raiding the kobold den. D gets lost and ends up getting harassed by Dacon Knights, then wandering into The Sea Wife, there he sees more drunken wildelves and is thrown out of the tavern for being rude to Hazel. PT and JR arrive at the sea wife after talking with Gergen about the Lumber Jacks, who might help with the kobold raid. There PT makes an impression on Masab leader of the lumberjacks and signs up for the Lumberjack Olympics. PT performs superbly at the games the following day and gets the Lumberjacks full support with the kobold raid, they will keep the Knights from interfering while the group vanquishes the kobold taskmasters. D killed a pair of kobolds searching for the Golden Scarf. The group enters the kobold lair early the next morning, killing the guard scorpion, D opens a drake pen and releases a spiredrake, who just flies out the cave entrance, the group is confronted by kobolds and dire rats, the fighting is brutal, D and JR contract Filth Fever from the rats, D goes unconscious, PT and JR kill off the enemy and they hide in a kobold nesting room to rest, more kobolds arrive, among them Basgar Flamespitter, PT bursts from the nest room when he hears some kobolds pass by and rushes for Basgar, JR revives D using kobold medicinal mosses. PT cleaves through Basgar, the group defeats two kobold dragonshields and a guard drake released from its pen. they now rest before delving deeper into the kobold den…


hahaha! i am the lumberjack master! bow before me, weakling humans! -peachthief

The Rape of King's Mound

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