Andwin Borderlands

Tomb of the Shifter King

Kindred Bonds...

PT decides to light the tinder inside of the bowls held by the 4 Statues in the mine chamber, as the small fires burn the mountain begins to shake, D senses King’s Mound “opening up”. JR searches Zosimus’s body and finds a wand of enfeeblement, enduring spirit vestments, and a set of keys. The D blessed elf Coatlindi arrives to aid the heroes. After the earthquake the group head to the excavated chamber, they find that the rock slide covered door has opened. D and C can see elven inscription on the walls of the entrance hall inside the door. Hearing rattling bones coming from the darkness, PT lights a sunrod and sees the same inscription but written in Giant… “Our King gave himself for his people…” illuminated by the sunrod the group can see animal headed pillars and 6 skeletons standing before a dais upon which an armored body lays on the back of a Dragon skeleton, a large sword pierces through the armored body’s chest and into the Dragon remains. D rushes forward and activates a trap that spouts fire from a pillar that fills a trough in front of him, blocking his path. The heroes advance carefully, jumping over trap pressure plates and engage the skeletons, a Deathlock Wight emerges from a vault and joins the fray. Bolstered by C the group easily defeat the tomb guardians. PT and G examine the armored body and find the armor to be mixed Goliaths and Wildelf tribes designs, PT tries to remove the sword but fails, he successfully removes the wolf-like helmet and tosses it to D who tries in vain to stop PT’s vandalism. The helmet falls into a fire trough and begins to char starting another earthquake. A door in the rear of the tomb opens, water rushes in and begins flooding the burial chamber. C picks up the helmet and approaches the dais, the double piercing sword begins to glow faintly. D also approaches, the sword glows brighter. The group joins hands on the glowing sword and try to pull it out, nothing happens, only when JR and G remove their hands can PT, D, and C (a goliath, elf, and shifter) pull out the sword. The Dragon skeleton crumbles and falls. PT recognizes the sword from his Mural scene, it is a combination of Goliath and Elf design. D takes the sword. G leaves the flooding chamber and is greeted by a Tiefling employed by Bufonda, he informs G that she is moving the merchant camp as a precaution. The rest of the group exit King’s Mound, taking the tomb armor with them and head toward the Hillfort. PT bluffs the gate guards by telling them that Zosimus has caused the mountain to flood, the guard leaves to inform Sir Harold. PT and JR are allowed inside the Hillfort, the rest of the group wait outside. PT talks with Harold as JR sneaks off to unlock Zosimus’ laboratory, there he finds magical components and the left overs of Zosimus’ vile experiments. JR also discovers a rooftop Dragon alter and Zosimus’ Journal. PT finds Gopala & Maha barely alive hanging in gibbets, he grants them a quick death. PT then convinces Harold of Zosimus’ treachery. JR leaves the lab and finds the fort’s jail, there a cell has been secured with an arcane lock, JR can hear garbled singing. JR unlocks the cell and finds a transformed Ragweed Owen. JR releases Owen and runs, passing Chief Andor locked in a cell. JR shares the journal with PT and the rest of the group. The Sea Wife is holding a spirit lifting gathering, PT and G interrupt and G sings a song about Zosimus’ betrayal, the crowd is joined by Caleb Builder who urges them to take action against the flood waters. As the group leaves the tavern a horrific shriek can be heard coming from Harold’s Hall. At that same moment a large Red Dragon streaks through the night sky and dives for the relocated Tiefling Merchants, fire sprays from the Dragon’s mouth and engulfs the caravan camp…



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