A young goliath avenger, sworn to Kord to travel the lands overawing all peoples with his athletic prowess


Primarily uses the greataxe and some throwing axes, relies more on his quickness and force of will to protect him rather than bulky armor.
He is wearing a very homemade looking wolfskin cloak with a head resting on each shoulder.
He is 17, about 7’6" and 300 lbs. Although he is fairly muscular, he is also fairly quick, sometimes fooling opponents who don’t expect it.
He fancies himself a scholar/adventurer and reveres strength and skill above all else, believing that Kord most approves of those who help themselves, rather than the weaklings that wait for their god to save them. Kord does not care for puny mortal struggles and dilemnas.


As with all goliaths, Rarkthrange was born with mottled skin, which was pondered over by the tribal matriarch to determine his path in life, and the nature of his destiny. Seeing a prominent mark the resembled the silhouette of a nearby mountaintop monastery, the tribe delivered him there, to be raised among puny humans.

One of the monastery elders named Papel took him under his wing, teaching him to fight, but also to read, write, and analyse. When quite young, he acquired the name Peachthief, due to his proclivity for stealing sweetfruits and other dandies from the smaller, weaker children (i.e. all of them). Although he was educated well, Peachthief never gained the proper perspective on his place in the world, according to many of the monks. Peachthief continued to brag and bully the other children, but he was always able to back up his talk, as he excelled in both physical and mental disciplines.

The monks eventually tired of his antics and overbearing nature, and it was suggested that he should go out into the world, a decision which Peachthief quickly appropriated credit for. He had long been fascinated by a large mural in the one of the monastery’s main halls, especially a section near the center depicting locations, events and creatures that even the most learned monks could not explain. Peachthief decided his goal was to travel the land and discover the truths of all that was contained in this portion of the mural, while proving himself at any and all physical challenges that he encountered. Committing the mural to memory after many nights of tireless study, he prepared to venture forth.

He was given what equipment the monastery could spare: simple traveling and climbing gear (much of which he had made himself, to match his large stature), as well as some of his favored weapons. He set forth, and for the first time since his birth descended the rocky crags of the mountain, heading into the valleys and ridges below. He soon encountered some strange furred beast, who, baring sharp fangs, attacked him. He defended himself valiantly, knowing that Kord approved of his strength, and felled the beast. It was certainly no goat, the only quadrapedal animal he had seen in the high peaks. He thought it might a dog or wolf, based on depictions of such creatures in the mural, and their descriptions in books. He quickly skinned it and made a makeshift cloak, soon to be joined by a second skin.

He is currently aiding in a raid on a kobold den in order to enlist some aid in scaling a triple peak that appears similar to one depicted in the mural.


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