Tag: LIttle Snakes


  • Chief Andor

    Despondent Chief of the Little Snakes tribe. Andor has decided that the only way he can reunite his fallen people is to deliver the "Broken Wing" and commit the self sacrificing ritual. He hopes that this gesture can imbue his tribe with the fierce will …

  • Gopala & Maha

    Chief Andor's escorts. Asked heroes to deliver Andor's "Broken Wing" to the scattered Wildelf tribes, the totem is a message to his people that he is about to commit a self sacrifice ritual in order to reunite them.

  • Coatlindi

    Coatlindi is a member of the decimated Little Snakes tribe. She lived in peace and harmony with the mountains before witnessing the rape of her people's hallowed site and the subjugation of her chief at the hands of Sir Harold and the Dacon Knights. …