Tag: dead


  • Gopala & Maha

    Chief Andor's escorts. Asked heroes to deliver Andor's "Broken Wing" to the scattered Wildelf tribes, the totem is a message to his people that he is about to commit a self sacrifice ritual in order to reunite them.

  • Skilven the Brute

    Skilven is the overseer of Mountain Ridge's main storehouse, processed minerals from the mine are stockpiled there along with other goods meant for the southern kingdoms. The warehouse is protected by three guard Horses, the fiercest of them being the …

  • Zosimus

    Hired by Sir Harold to unlock the mystic secrets of King's Mound and the Wildelf tribes. Zosimus keeps much of his research hidden from the Knights in the hope that he can harness the mountain's power for his own purposes. Zosimus was killed by the …