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  • The Rape of King's Mound

    Peach Thief left his [[Kord Temple]] determined to find out what the mysterious [[Mural Scene]] is all about. He bravely fought some wolves. Dhaunos was summoned by the [[Grey Snow]] a member of the [[Eladrin tribes]], he was asked by [[Layas]] to …

  • Rise of the Heroes

    PT, D, and JR continue deeper into the [[Kobold]] den. They find two [[Goliaths]] chained to a stone pillar and who are apparently stricken with the Shakes. after a long struggle to free them from their chains the group searches a nearby storage room …

  • King's Mound

    A site sacred to the [[Mountain Races]], mystery and legend surround it. Now being mined for its wealth of minerals by [[Dacon Knights]], a den of [[Kobold]]s manage the mining operation inside the mountain.

  • Gergen

    Born in the Dwarven city Hammercrag, Gergen was exiled by his clan when the first sword he forged as an apprentice blacksmith was used to start a Blood Feud between two Noble Houses. Blacksmith traditional law called for his exile. He now resides in …