Zosimus' Journal

Zosimus’ Journal:

Dacon’s 1st Year, Darkened Moon Month: Arrived in Mountain Ridge. Vard Enzio once told me that true power can be found only in the mountains, he’s right, nothing in the Southern Kingdoms can compare to what is here. I can see now why the Tiefling’s chose to build their empire in this place. I wish Enzio Ioun’s guidance on his quest. Sir Harold has finished killing off the more dangerous elements of the Wildelf tribes, I applaud his cunning, marrying the chief’s daughter was the perfect way to manipulate the tribes, but I can’t see how he can bring himself to lay with the wretched thing, these elves disgust me.

Dacon’s 2nd Year, Blossoming Month: My experiments are progressing faster than planned. I have finished perfecting my “servitude serum” after so many failures, thankfully there is a endless supply of those doltish elves. Gaining access into King’s Mound has been difficult. Basgar’s constant demands are irritating and supplying him with children is becoming too dangerous. These kobolds have their own agenda in the mine, such a foul race, they should be wiped out along with the Wildelves.

Dacon’s 2nd Year, High Sun Month: Bringing Basgar The Diamond Tiara has granted me free reign within the mine, it wasn’t easy stealing it from Bufonda, luckily the merchant camp has many skilled thieves for hire. A strange curled fern has started growing in one of the mine chambers, it produces a toxic spore, but it seems after initial exposure the body can become immune. I will test this hypothesis. A local hoodlum has been arrested by Harold and sentenced to death, perhaps I could use him to further my studies.

Dacon’s 2nd Year, Earmarking Month: I have communed with Mirroroth the Dragon. He is terrifying. He seems bent on the total destruction of King’s Mound. It may have been foolish to contact him, but it is necessary in order to discover more of the secrets of King’s Mound… I must be careful. A group of adventurers have killed Basgar and set his slaves free, this is fortunate. I will wait to see what actions Mirroroth takes before I enter the purged mine…

Zosimus' Journal

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