A young elf druid devoted to protecting her tribe and homeland


Carries the “Broken Wing” Totem, Level 1, +1

Coatlindi takes the wild shape of a large Timber Rattlesnake

Written in her Ritual Book are the Animal Messenger and Create Campsite rituals

Uses a Longbow +2, 1d10, 20/40, 30 gp 3 lb.


Coatlindi is a member of the decimated Little Snakes tribe. She lived in peace and harmony with the mountains before witnessing the rape of her people’s hallowed site and the subjugation of her chief at the hands of Sir Harold and the Dacon Knights. This travesty has not gone unnoticed, the ever-present Ancestors have sent the guardian spirit Dhaunos to help reclaim King’s Mound. With Dhaunos’ sacred blessing Coatlindi has regained the strength and will to fight back against her tribe’s oppressors.


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