Jory Redmund

Gnome Sorcerer specializing in Chaos Magic


Currently is wearing the Golden Scarf.


Jory Redmund was leading a typical happy gnome life with his family in the Feywild, occasionally playing tricks on wayward adventurers, and generally loving the fact that he was a monster (rar!). His wife and three children were the loves of his life, and he brought them up in the tradition of his ancestors, namely by studying the Arcane arts in the nearby Eladrin city. This particular city was key in the epic struggle against the Formorians, and Jory was very proud of the fact that he and his children were able to assist the wizards in tracing the Arcane lines that would help to create ever more powerful wards and offensive spells to protect his beloved Feywild. About 30 years before the start of the campaign, there was an epic campaign against the Feydark, and many of the most powerful wizards and fighters went off to fight the Formorian scourge who were threatening to encroach into the region. It turned out that much of this was just an epic feint, however, as the Formorians were apparently working with some dire foe that was assisting them. The Formorians ransacked the mostly defenseless city, and took many Eladrin and Gnomes (and a few other races) prisoner, and brought them down into their twisted lair in the Feydark. It was here where Jory learned the horrible truth: the Formorians had opened a portal to the plane of chaos, and they were, most unexpectedly, working with a cadre of Slaad warriors. The Slaad were providing raw chaos material for the Formorians, and the Formorians in turn would provide the Slaad with victims to be the unwilling host to Slaadi tadpoles (which always meant a grisly and wretched end for the poor hosts, as they were driven mad over a few days and then a small Slaad would burst from their heads, instantly killing the host. This, naturally, is simply the Slaadi life cycle.) The Formorians forced Jory to watch his wife and children be used in such a way, but they had bigger plans for him. Knowing that he was knowledgeable in the Arcane arts, they forced him to study a small section of the chaos metal that the Slaad had brought, to verify its usefulness in creating weapons of war. As Jory focused harder on the metal, the seed of madness that had afflicted him in seeing his family not only murdered but tortuously eaten from the inside resonated with the chaos metal, and ultimately consumed much of his former self. While typically this meant death, he already faced a certain and grisly doom, so it took him over and he lied to the Formorians. He convinced them that this metal was a trick, and that it was itself filled with the crystallized tadpoles of Slaad, and would implant anyone who attempted to work with, or wield a weapon constructed of the stuff. The already tenuous alliance between the Slaad and the Formorians (the Slaad being insanely chaotic, and the Formorians being far more calculating) broke into bloody and violent battle, and Jory and a few of his companions managed to escape from captivity. They were strangers in a strange (and dangerous!) land, however, and they quickly had to learn how to stay hidden. It took several years before the crew finally reached the Feywild again, and very few of his fellow escapees were able to return to normal life again. Jory tried working with the Eladrin wizards, who felt a deep sense of shame at being tricked so badly and naturally were willing to take care of him for the rest of his days, but his studies increasingly would create unstable rifts in the more typically ordered Arcane flow, and he would frequently let the chaotic power flow through him. The power spoke to him, and whispered sweet secrets about becoming a stronger conduit for the untameable wild magic. It was in his blood now, and there was no way to turn back. Jory left the safety of the Eladrin stronghold, and after a time, he left the Feywild altogether, promising only to return once he’d destroyed both the Formorian and the Slaad scourge. From that point onwards, he wandered around the human plane with only a few gold, an adventurer’s kit, and a small dagger to protect him. His former studies of the Arcane, his impressive power to Bluff, and his hard-earned lessons on how to be Stealthy now informed how he would live. His chaotic side tells him where to go and what to do, and this half-madness both provides him with incredible powers but also puts him in mortal danger. He is always seeking, but he does not know what. He seems to simply become a more powerful conduit for the forces of chaos. He, being a gnome however, manages to deflect much of the questions that would crop up about a gnome traveling alone from city to city with a quick wit and a ready laugh, but this is simply a clever mask hiding a monstrous secret and a tortured past. Recently he decided to up and go into the mountains. Maybe he could meet some friends and they could kill stuff together. You never know, chaos and randomness sometimes aligns with other things, doesn’t it? Sometimes it seems normal until you look at a big enough picture?

Jory is about 3’5” and about 55 lbs. His skin is a sort of grayish brown, and his hair, which was once a delightfully shocking red, is now mostly white (from his captivity) but with streaks of many different colors (from all that chaos), but these are pretty subdued compared to many Gnomes. He’s about 60 years old, and does have his share of wrinkles and laugh lines, though he is quite sprightly. He’s naturally pretty amusing to be around, but you might notice a gentle sadness deep within his often frenetic series of jokes, pratfalls, and dirty songs and poems. On the exterior, however, he’s almost always talking, and jumps from subject to subject without ever actually saying anything at all. He often doesn’t give his opinion, but talks so much when asked that people think that he has. He also loves to talk circles around less intelligent beings, and convince them that his ideas are actually theirs, and he’s simply agreeing with them. He’s either the center of attention, or completely invisible. He also loves to gamble, and even though he could cheat really easily, generally doesn’t. He sometimes prefers to gamble for stupid dares rather than money. ‘Cuz dares are fun. (“If I win, you have to go up and paint a giant pickle on the back of the town guard. It’ll be great.”,”Oh come on, you knew the rules before we played. I won, so you have to go hide a badger in the Mayor’s dresser. I’ll help ya! It’ll be great!”) He’s a fan of pranks, naturally.

Jory Redmund

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